who we are

We’re a start-up remote digital marketing agency based in Ontario, Canada. We started tempo digital in early 2020 to help clients of all sizes by using our background and experience from previous agencies and digital tech companies. We want to do things similar but different, you’ll get all the traditional items you expect from an agency but without all the added fluff you don’t need.

We all love data and numbers, it’s what drives who we are as an agency and we use it to get results. We take pride in our agnostic approach to using any platform that makes sense for your business not just our revenue, and we use those tools to drive decisions through the patterns that we see.


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What We Do

We create a digital marketing environment for your business that connects to consumers. We strive to find unique opportunities to grow your results. We make no assumptions, we work off years of service with the confidence to test and adapt to new opportunities. From paid search, social, and shopping campaigns to writing social media and blog posts, updating and refreshing your site, we facilitate all aspects of marketing that happens online.

how we can help

Whether you’re a large corporation with years of online success under your belt or a small business looking to make their first venture into online sales we can help you achieve success. We set-up from scratch and enhance your existing elements, ultimately building and creating what is needed for a long lasting partnership.

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