Have you ever worked with an agency that told you no too often and have just got tired of the aniquated agency model? Or were you forced into doing something that didn’t seem to benefit your goals but probably did the investors? We saw and heard it too often, so we started tempo digital.
It’s a pace, a speed, it’s not too fast or too slow. Tempo is the pace that things need to happen at to be successful.
Every agency touts transparency but think of it this way; we don’t buy inventory and re-sell it to you, we have no vendor commitments to hit, and we don’t mark-up your cpm’s through an internal search / social / programmatic agency.
Typically if you spend $5,000 - $10,000 a month in paid advertising, a contract with us will cost less than a full time marketing hire. Our pricing depends on how many hours we expect to work on your business so depending on the complexitiy of what you need.
That’s a complicated question but we make the process easy. Let us know what you need and we’ll come up with a proposal.
We hear this, a lot. That’s because they’re trying to sell you on long term maintenance. We’d like to do that too, but sometimes you just need a new site, we’re okay with that.
We’d like to say this is easy, but it requires an understanding of digital e-commerce. We can help with the whole process starting with feed management to paid google campaigns to get your sales booming.
A full slate of content is great, but it needs to be amplified in a variety of ways to reach its full potential. We can help get it from your site into the hands of consumers through organic and paid channels that will help grow your overall brand.
That’s okay, a lot of our clients were that way at the start too. We help both established brands optimize and get more as well as those new to marketing. We can help you understand what you need and we don’t sell you on things you don’t.
That’s a common complaint we hear. We like to ensure our teams are staffed appropriately so that we can deliver the same service level to all of our clients, no matter their size.
We like to provide reporting that meets your internal requirements. Most clients like an emailed report each week to include insights and access to a dashboard, especially if you’re a data junkie like us.
Email, call, message, send a carrier pigeon and we’ll find someone available to help you out. Sometimes things happen, we’re available when you need us.
That’s great, we can help! if you want a quick turnaround on a layout send us all the assets and we’ll get them back to you in less than a week for a cost effective price, (really).
Absolutely! If you know what you want and are looking for a quick solution, we can help.

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